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Who is the Pink Tulips woman?

We call her Lily. She is real, with ups and downs, fantastic days and rock bottom moments – she is a complex, modern woman. Always thinking, always loving, always real, Lily is refined yet bold. She’s the girl that has a history and depth. Lovely, flirty, courageous, faithful, compassionate, intense, animated, funny and wise. The Pink Tulips woman has the raised eyebrow and a sly smile.
There’s a bit of Lily in each of us, I think, and at some point in time we all live vicariously through the adventures of another. Be it a friend’s escapade or admiring a lifestyle from afar, momentarily stepping up the staircase of another’s fate is enough to refresh and remind us that a passion lives on inside us not necessarily defined by our surroundings.
We want you to sightsee through Lily’s life and live vicariously through her day-to-day. Our product descriptions serve as journal entries, perfectly placing you and your handbag in everyday situations, yet all the while with a twist of Lily. From the farmer’s market and hot yoga to the Louvre and a weekend in Vegas, you’ve been around the block and so has Lily.

You might as well have a fantastic handbag to accompany you…

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