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Pink Tulips founder, Annette Cook had a long-term liaison with her cherished Bermuda Bag and always found other purses to be too frumpy, extremely busy, or sporting a dreadful top-stitch. Year after year, she could give her heart to a few handbags and loved them almost to disintegration. Annette longed to bring to life a stylish translation of the same love affair she had with her dear Bermuda bag.

The entrepreneurial spirit of her great-grandfather, Joseph Sachs (a prolific inventor who patented the pull down fire alarm and the fuse) coursed through her veins. This genetic drive to craft her own invention combined with a tenacity of life and an appreciation of color and pattern, Annette made her first handbag using the skills she had fine-tuned in floral design, sewing, and bootstrapping.

Still smitten with the finer things that celebrate identity – crisp lines, oh-so-perfect color combinations, and a persnickety attention to detail that is visible only to those who recognize exceptional quality, Annette used that one design to form Pink Tulips. Her dream of bringing the best in style, quality, and craftsmanship for the modern woman flourished in East Coast boutiques and in 2012 caught the attention of kitschy fashion-forward retailer, Urban Outfitters. After a sizable production run in Mexico, Annette is now committed to keeping all production in the USA. Pink Tulips creates a hot-blooded response only a handbag can bring and we relish the thought that you will experience the only appropriate affair acceptable in the world: with a Pink Tulips handbag.


Come on… have a fashionable tryst.

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