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VIP – Very Important Panache April 04 2014

What is perfection really? Is it a measurement? A dollar amount? A certain color or picture of health? Personally, I think perfection is in the details. Some of my favorite things about life do not involve money, in fact, it’s mostly a feeling that brings about the memories of the crème de la crème of my youth – this is my idea of perfection. For example, my old teddy bear....

Defining personal style March 19 2014

It’s so easy for me to slip into a slump in regards to fashion, especially when I hang out with old friends whose company I find as comforting as my slightly worn chenille robe. However, it’s always seemed easy to keep my accessories on a sporadic rotation that brings new life to the most humdrum outfits in my closet. The defining piece that consistently makes me break out into a...

Embracing new elements of style March 07 2014

I spent time with an old high school friend last week. Ah, the magic of Facebook! It was her birthday and we decided to meet for brunch and then wander around town a bit. We laughed as we both admitted being in a transitional phase of our lives, not only spiritually, but fashionably. Inspired by Paris Fashion Week, I’m craving a wardrobe that sings with color. My current closet has...

Be present and give presents February 19 2014

I don’t think I’ll ever really be settled. Even though I’ve unpacked, interior trimmings hung on the walls and my unmentionables stowed in Granny’s old lingerie chest (which desperately needs to be refinished), I doubt I will ever stay in one place forever.   Do people really put down roots anymore?   Last night, I christened my new home with an obnoxious glass of wine and an even more offensive...

Feeling a little bit gypsy February 14 2014

I woke up from a dream last night and still caught up in the haze of nocturnal scenes, looked around in the darkness not knowing where I was. It’s been a long month of packing and now that I am 24 hours into my new place, I’m excited for new surroundings yet a little hesitant to really start fresh. My back hurts a bit from lugging boxes about and I’m...
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