Sensory fix: when screens no longer satisfy October 29 2015


I’m drawn to the grain of life, which includes not only the texture and feel of my designer handbags, clothes, and accessories but truthfully – everything. My food needs a variety of texture, a depth of sorts, which some past psychologists might say is a direct reflection of my personality.

You see, I consider myself to be a well-rounded girl. Able to confidently don pink and leopard print (not to mention some false eyelashes), and yet I can easily slip into my Wellies and get dirt under my fingernails pulling weeds in the garden. Spending so much time on flat surfaces has been making my blood boil lately. My laptop, my Kindle, my phone, hell, I don’t even have to make contact with the checker at the market anymore – I simply swipe, push the appropriate buttons, and GO.

I need a sensory fix.



Starting tomorrow, I am purposefully parting with places that do not peak the rest of my senses. My eyes are exhausted!

  • I want to spend time feeling the smooth leather on my new briefcase clutch.
  • Stop in front of the French pastry shop down the street, lean up against the brick that trims the ridiculously clean glass window, and pause to inhale the baguettes baking.
  • Listen to the quiet breaths of my cousin’s newborn baby as I cuddle her, wishing I was just as new as she, sleeping on cashmere-covered double Ds.
  • Delight in the taste of my own cooking, taking in the flavors my granny passed down to me and reminiscing about the nostalgia of my youth.


Will this change anything? Taking deliberate moments to rewind back to a time when information was a little harder to find? I hope so, because I’m searching for something. I don’t know what yet, but there is an emptiness lately that cannot be filled by Pinterest boards and Facebook likes.


I picked up a day planner today and am reverting back to a time when everything wasn’t packed into an electronic database. As I scrolled through the week on my phone, I could feel a hint of excitement as I copied my to-do list and appointments onto the fresh white paper in my personal ledger. I doodled, for God’s sake, for the first time in years! A little stick figure who looked a bit like me - holding a handbag and coffee, hair with crazy corkscrew curls…


I’m going to buy some colored pencils and a coloring book tomorrow.



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