Big purses = big confidence April 30 2015

Desperate times call for purposeful planning and with a week in my new position under my belt I find myself more confident than ever. Something happens to you the older you get. I might not fit the bill of a “perfect” physique with my flowering stretch marks on my once flat abs, but deep down I feel daring assertiveness that’s on the cusp of bursting out of my eyeballs!

Despite my little tumble in the lunchroom on my first day of work, dinner with the girls at the end of the week proved just the mental band aid I needed.

I’m desperate to get promoted and even though I just received a promotion, I’m pushing harder than ever to get to the next level of accomplishment career-wise. As a planner, I must have small goals to reach. I have the skill set and the drive, all I need to do is polish up inwardly and reassess the methodology of my wardrobe for the job I want...


Step 1 – No more casual Fridays. In my mind, VPs do not participate in casual anything at work.

Step 2 – Carry a larger handbag, one that commands attention and demands respect. I have an arsenal of big totes but find my Magnolia Doctor bag screams, “Obey me, I’m your boss!” but in a kindhearted way.

Step 3 – MAC lip liner. Always. No excuses.

Step 4 – Curb the cursing and ditch the gossip. I want to be the sought after employee that always makes the right decisions and never lets an f-bomb slip. Not because I’m a goodie-goodie, far from it. Because I expect the very best from myself and that includes the words coming out of my mouth…


A little personal fine-tuning is what I need right now and I am up for the challenge. Watch out, world! I’m ready for the next level of success and equipped with a big satchel that will hold it all.

Oops, I forgot Step 5.

Step 5 - BE BOLD! Strut. Use that big luxury handbag to store the extra confidence that is oozing from my pores!