Swapping out life's accessories April 28 2015

I’ve been binge watching my favorite shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime for the last year. First it was Breaking Bad and House of Cards, but now zombie-fighting Daryl Dixon and tea pouring Tom Branson have made me a taken woman most nights. This roundabout of genres has me bouncing from one rather messy era to an abundantly proper period, exhilarated by the possibilities of adventure. After each hour of viewing, I find myself sighing in desperation, wanting a more interchangeable life.

Minus the whole shooting zombies in the head, of course.

I’m not talking about some big metamorphosis, just simple tweaks to my day. I do, however, indulge in small switcheroos of style by way of my sweet Poppy clutch. Oh the magnificence of selecting how I define my mood everyday with the switch of a poppet!

For example, yesterday I was feeling very cheeky after I stayed up all night watching the second season of Downton Abbey. I peered into my closet sipping tea looking at the display of poppets I acquired and immediately went for the most amusing embellishment.


After work, I’m getting dinner with the girls and being the kitschy sort of gal that I am, I take complete joy in throwing my friends for a loop with my accessories. Life’s too short to take yourself seriously every day.

Charlie Chaplin said, “A day without laughter is a day wasted.”

I completely agree with that statement, to laugh even when life packs a hard punch. I started a new job and embracing a fresh start, I took myself a little too seriously and thought “toning down” my accessories for the first week would steer me closer to the VP position I eventually wanted. Well, I slipped on spilled soup in the lunchroom and bit it on the slate floor, my skirt exposing my Spanx.

Mortified didn’t even begin to define how I felt but I couldn’t help but laugh. I picked myself up off the floor, smoothed my skirt and made my way to the bathroom. Not to hide!

I had scuffed my clutch and I had to get some water on that dirty mark – stat!