Going from fall to winter: 3 steps to swapping out your accessories November 19 2014


The shock of a severe temperature change is enough to extinguish my excitement for a new winter wardrobe. No matter where you live, the ebb and flow of Mother Nature is inevitable and often throws my body for a loop. Random breakouts and a sluggishness I can’t seem to shake, the first sign of cold weather leaves me desperately needing a serious pick me up. Instead of reverting to stimulants, like espresso instead of my sufficiently caffeinated coffee, I turn to a natural increase in my frame of mind and body.


Tending to my accessories.


And by accessories, I don’t just limit myself to jewelry and shoes. Accessories to me is anything from my man to my eyeglasses. In fact, I have a seasonal ritual that helps me get realigned with my usual perky self:


Step 1

Divide and conquer - I take anything that could drape my body and place it on my bed. First, I tackle my purses and give them all a good cleaning. A trusty and sensible bag, my Calla Lily tote has seen it all – yoga class, a lap top, my overstuffed cosmetic bag, and the occasional leaky pen, this piece is by far my favorite. Old receipts and business cards I never intend to look at again, crumbs and bobby pins, a "purge and polish" is uplifting for the soul.


Step 2

Pause on the past - I stow last season’s garments either under the bed or at the back of the closet – washed and properly pressed waiting patiently for the next fluctuation of climate.


Step 3

Usher in a new investment piece – My summertime investment piece was a disaster, as I attempted to step out of my comfort zone and invest in various bohemian head wraps. I was growing my hair out last season and found my good intentions of being bold with accessories made me more reminiscent of an eccentric and crazed artist rather than a fashion forward gal. This time, I will play it safe in the form of a designer handbag like the Black Eyed Susan caramel-y chocolate brown leather clutch that had me at pink microsuede lining…


One day of hot chocolate and organization is enough to help me out of temporary stagnation and back into my usual vim and vigor. The following day, I rise early and do a little super hero yoga, switch my beverage to a hot toddy in the afternoon and tackle my home accessories. Concentrating on swapping out artwork and window treatments, this revision in interchangeable embellishments always realigns my psyche.