Everything is temporary October 08 2014


My father always told me everything was temporary and the more I live, the more I realize it’s true. I’ve moved a bit and wouldn’t necessarily call myself a jet setter, but I consider myself someone who easily adjusts to new surroundings. The less I resist the idea of steady permanence in my life, the more I seem to make of every fleeting moment.


This acceptance of short-term experiences has come in handy as ¼ of my persona is a bit clumsy. I’m not accident prone, per se, but let’s just say when my klutzy side does surface - I go big.


Most recently, I attended a late summer garden party and in a hurry, grabbed my Pink Tulips Calla Lily tote that housed an arsenal of tampons from a past weekend trip with the girls. To say that trip was fun is like saying knitting is an exciting and competitive sport. I had cramps up the ying yang and felt grossly bloated all weekend.


I digress…

Aunt Flo was in town again and thinking I would pop a few Tampax in my Rose clutch before the party, I tucked my cute designer handbag in the tote. Emerging from the car in my favorite ModCloth dress, I felt confident and visually stunning. The lines on this dress accentuate my top nicely and hide the places on my hips just right as I swore off Spanx in 2013 and gravitate toward clothing that works with me instead of against me. Tote in hand, I admit I was caught up in my own beauty and gracefully stepping on the flagstone I actually anticipated the gasp from friends about my outfit.


I was full of myself that day which is usually when the inner lummox in me rears her clumsy head. I tripped, you see, just when I entered through the gate of the garden. That darn flagstone! Hasn’t anyone heard of concrete?? Attempting to catch myself before I completely bit the dust, I grabbed onto the fence, which swung further, sending my tote (and a ridiculous collection of tampons) into the air. In an attempt to play it cool, I laughed while sweeping up the tampons with my clutch and announced to the open mouthed crowd, “ta-da!”


What else can you do?


Dad was right - everything is temporary. Houses, friendships, accessories, my dignity... So I might as well laugh about my temporary shortcomings. At least I am smartly accessorized when I fly through the air with the greatest of ease.