Nothing beats fall... except maybe a new handbag September 25 2014

Don’t get me wrong, I love the newness of spring and the first warmth of the summer sun on my skin, but oh, autumn! The shedding of leaves on the trees never brings to mind the slow demise of the year but of harvest, and of course, a change in my wardrobe! Instead of turning inward in the face of a changing temperature, I bring my gaze outward in anticipation of Mother Nature's redesign of colors.


I love change, and while some see the transition as mournful, I see it as engaging.


New England in the fall is downright legendary and the idea of bringing my cozy socks and leather boots out into the brisk air is enough to make me squeal a bit. I must not forget my accessories for the season and I am not talking about scarves and knit hats. My accessory for fall is a late morning butterscotch caramel coffee and an early evening hot toddy. Or warm pie with tea…(yum)


I’m not embarrassed to say I spend many an autumn afternoon lounging on my window seat flipping through the latest Town & Country all wrapped up in a chenille robe and toasty knee high wool socks. Seeing the colors change year after year, I find each unique fall always seems somewhat limited edition.


It’s also time to stow my favorite summertime reticule and address the handbag of the moment, as I have recently purchased the Tapestry Word Games Tote. I’m a sucker for all things made in the U.S.A and this made in Connecticut designer handbag is making me feel a little more limited edition.


I declare myself limited edition! Yes, I'm in short supply and not simply unique. Unique is boring...


I'm downright EXCLUSIVE.




(Image credit, Autumn Enchanted)