To invest or not to invest; that is the question. June 02 2014

I read the most ridiculous article the other day about a study that found women use luxury products such as handbags to declare to other women that they are in a committed relationship with their significant other.


First of all, I find it completely sexist that the individuals in this study assumed the man in the relationship had anything to do with the purchasing of the designer handbag in question. And, isn’t it amazing how much power the luxury item wields even in relationships?


Designer handbags can make a girl do crazy things. I admit to having moments contemplating “investing” in a purse that could barely hold my wallet rather than paying my rent. Quality woos me, and my desire for the best doesn’t stop with a clutch or a tote. I find a lot of value in re-purposing, don’t get me wrong, but there are some items in which secondhand just won’t do.


Skin care, for example. My mother taught me at an early age to pamper my pores and experiment with product to make the most of my complexion. If that meant throwing down a little extra money for a quality exfoliator or getting a facial every three months instead of going out for lunch everyday at work, then so be it.


“Your future self will thank you,” mother would say to a 12-year-old shapeless me.


I never cheap out on wine or tea. The difference between a cup of Lipton’s at the grocery store and an organic earl gray from the local coffee shop on the corner is worlds apart. Trader Joe's two-buck chuck or a Terrazas de los Andes Single Vineyard Las Compuertas Malbec? I will not declare that things determine my overall happiness, but I must admit, sipping a blackberry-infused wine spinning with plum, spice, and a hint of chocolate or splurging on a statement piece for my wardrobe sure does lift morale.


I’m packing my bags for an overnight work function and even though my basic black clutch would be the sensible complement to my conservative attire, instead I take my dazzling pink Peony bag. In bloom both in my closet and the garden, the Peony declares an unyielding commitment to me. My Peony bag and I have had a lot of adventures together, most recently where I embarrassed myself silly at an upscale restaurant during a surprise reunion with my ex from high school.

I must be off though, as I'm low on tea and wine. I'll recount the details of my social snafu in my next entry...