Division is not a dirty word May 12 2014

I work from home and the office, which often makes it as though I’m seeing double. While I downsized in square footage when I moved, I certainly did not eliminate charm, cheap out on location, or scrimp on amenities. Always struggling with transition in my youth, I find as I grow older, the more flexible I become. Sure, my 3 doses of yin yoga classes a week contribute to being physically bendable, but it’s my new found dedication to unpredictable adventure I can attribute to my internal tolerance of versatility.


Making a deliberate effort to separate work and the comfort of home has brought me to declare some upcoming wellness trends:


Multi-tasking is OUT – A purposeful sweet segue from project to project is now IN.


“The bigger the better” is OUT – Small and detailed is IN.


I realized work and home were becoming so enmeshed yesterday when I couldn’t find a simple pen deep in the depths of the black hole that is my purse. Wrinkled expense reports, an unopened lip gloss, old receipts, random notes reminding me to buy toilet paper, and 3 separate journals made me realize how scattered I had become. There was no division between "Professional Lily" and "Personal Lily". Nothing was in its place, rather, all the contents were swirling around in the recesses of my more than adequately-sized leather tote, coincidentally called Calla Lily.


And that’s me lately.


A mess of thoughts and goals and frustrations (and sometimes overly feisty hormonal outbursts) – all prettied up in a perfectly styled outfit.


Two things have helped me be more productive lately without putting more on my plate or overwhelming me with more to-do lists. These reminders have given me a boost I need so much that I wrote these tips on several pretty post-it notes and taped them to the high traffic areas of my surroundings.


#1 – Slow down.

#2 – Shut down.


I’ve taken time to work my day slowly and have been getting brave enough to shut down my computer at 7 p.m. I even started to silence my phone for hours at a time. After years of being “on-call”, I’m enjoying the sounds of my home, the people around me and most recently found my mystery headaches have started to disappear.


This internal flexibility fits me pretty nice…



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