Embracing new elements of style March 07 2014

I spent time with an old high school friend last week. Ah, the magic of Facebook! It was her birthday and we decided to meet for brunch and then wander around town a bit. We laughed as we both admitted being in a transitional phase of our lives, not only spiritually, but fashionably. Inspired by Paris Fashion Week, I’m craving a wardrobe that sings with color. My current closet has the standard pieces: classic black dress, high-waisted pants in various colors, tailored khaki jacket, and several statement pieces, but I am really looking to redefine this year.


As the season swings from chilly afternoons to super sunny days where I can actually expose my legs, Pinterest has really lent a hand in rustling my fashion feathers.


My vision for the year, besides being boldly me, is to embrace a few elements of style that I have not considered before:


The MAXI – Smitten with this Lilly Pulitzer dress, I find power and discreet desirability about this look, leaving a sliver of skin exposed and a design that compliments my figure and tempts the handsome passerby.


Jazzy FOOTWEAR – Bows and sequin and sparkle – oh my! No more humdrum shoes for me. It’s all about being a daytime rockstar, but without all the ridiculous late nights and excessive amounts of drugs and alcohol. I like a good night out and a cocktail but a girl needs her beauty sleep…


Pops of VINTAGE – The consignment phenomenon is really starting to grow on me and I’m not just talking about finding fancy frocks from the 40s and flapper-esque feathery hair pins. Yes, I will admit it: I am having an intimate affair with second-hand home décor boutiques. This fling is blossoming into something serious as my home has taken on interior accessories that leave me squealing with glee.


I’m dazzling and mesmerizing in this new state, enjoying every minute of this day…