Be present and give presents February 19 2014

I don’t think I’ll ever really be settled. Even though I’ve unpacked, interior trimmings hung on the walls and my unmentionables stowed in Granny’s old lingerie chest (which desperately needs to be refinished), I doubt I will ever stay in one place forever.


Do people really put down roots anymore?


Last night, I christened my new home with an obnoxious glass of wine and an even more offensive piece of chocolate cake from the bakery on the corner. Truth be told, that was a huge selling point for me when I was looking at houses. A great view, hardwood floors, and a bakery within 100 feet from my doorstep - SOLD.


My goal this year (instead of a resolution) is to be present and give presents. I’ve found myself rushing through a good portion of the day not remembering how I got from point A to point B, forgetting birthdays (even my own last year!), and often feeling obligated to be busy.


But not this year.


From here on out I am doing more than merely existing and I will start this exciting exclamation awareness by giving a gift to myself.

I’m obsessed with milgrain rings lately and crazy about this kind of fabulous detail. You see, this is what I am looking for in every aspect of my life – the tiny particulars. I want the behind-the-scenes kind of details in my life to define me.


Ways to be present:

  • Get a new pastry from the bakery everyday (until my pants get too tight). Slowly take in every bite and resist the urge to swallow it whole.
  • Select a handbag based on my mood rather than my shoe color.
  • Make my skincare regimen a happy ritual instead of a chore.


Ways to give presents:

  • Be on the lookout to make people happy with little things (love notes, compliments…)
  • Help close friends build on their style with wardrobe-building gifts instead of mindlessly purchasing chotchkies. (Clothing exchange party between friends???)



Image credit - Brandi Lee