Feeling a little bit gypsy February 14 2014

I woke up from a dream last night and still caught up in the haze of nocturnal scenes, looked around in the darkness not knowing where I was. It’s been a long month of packing and now that I am 24 hours into my new place, I’m excited for new surroundings yet a little hesitant to really start fresh. My back hurts a bit from lugging boxes about and I’m exhausted, but the sight of blank walls and empty corners is enough to inspire me out of bed to unearth my belongings.

I decided to purge a little bit before the move and even though I am a short trip from my old house, I am wishing for the old clothes and dated furniture I left behind. What I have kept defines me, though. I decided to hold onto my rituals and my spirit – and that’s all.

Here's is what I unpacked first:

1. My coffee cups – A necessary morning tradition and without it, I would be nothing.

2. My favorite frames with pictures of family and friends – These people in my life, with their honest smiles and arms lovingly linked with mine bring limitless joy into my heart.

3. Notes between me and my 7th grade best friend, Faith – Nostalgia of my youth, I can still smell our favorite (and horribly musky) perfume on the flimsy paper and remember even though we both had a crush on a boy named Jack, I lied at a slumber party and said I liked Kevin Brown so Faith’s feelings wouldn’t be hurt.

4. My handbags – Clutches and totes and shoulder bags – oh my! These simple accessories are a safe haven for my precious belongings. Housed in zippers and stitches, I can strut out my door knowing everything is safely its place.


That’s all I need.


New floors, new view, new air to breathe, new neighbors to watch. I’m still the same me but itching for a new adventure and feeling very gypsy-like. No matter what happens next, I’m a nomad of the world from now on - even if my journey merely takes me to the bakery around the corner for a morning scone.